To All My Southside Air Conditioning Clients:

I want to say a goodbye with a very thankful heart. I have been very blessed to have had an opportunity to serve you all in the Nashville market for over 31 years. I have enjoyed the work as well as the relationships that I have developed over the years.

When all of these transitions in my life began several months ago, I knew I needed to get someone to care for ya’ll just as I have. I have had the pleasure of working with a Nashville AC company, Temp Control, and over the years, we have developed a very strong working relationship on many projects. I knew they were the only ones that I could trust with my clients.

I picked Temp Control alone to present the possible purchase of my company to, and I was so happy when they were anxious to get the opportunity. We were able to secure a deal in which they assured me that you, my clients, would be taken care of above all else, and I was sold.

I want each one of you to know how important you have been in making my business a success and thank you for your support. I am moving to Texas to be near my parents and family.

Praise the Lord with me, for allowing me to open a new chapter in my life.

Thank you.

Brian Ferguson

Here is a PDF copy of the August 30, 2021 letter that was sent to all customers.

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