Other Services

In addition to our robust HVAC service and installation department, we offer a wide array of other services and products that help you keep your home comfortable and energy efficient. Installing a tankless water heater or attic insulation cover can stop energy loss and help you save money.

Do you have a bonus room or a converted garage in your home and the temperature in that room is always uncomfortable?  If so, you need a “Mr. Slim” system.

Water Heater Replacement

Rinnai tankless water heatersWhy heat water all day and all night long in a tank when it is only needed at certain times throughout the day?  With a tankless natural gas water unit, you can heat the water you need when you need it.

Benefits of a tankless natural gas water heater:

  • Reduced energy costs of up to 40% per year
  • Endless hot water
  • Space saving—small and compact unlike the traditional tank
  • Typical life expectancy is twice that of a traditional tank water heater

We handle the Rinnai and Noritz Tankless Water Heaters.

We also install traditional gas or electric tank water heaters if preferred by the customer.
Nortiz tankless water heaters

Attic Pull Down Insulation Cover

Most attic pull down stair cases are 2 foot x 4 foot with only a ¼” of plywood between your living space and your attic. Generally, this access to the attic is not insulated and is not air tight. This allows the hot/humid summer temperatures or the cold/dry winter air to pour into your home.

We can install a device that will seal up that opening in your ceiling and make it air tight, thus saving on energy costs while still allowing you the ability to quickly and easily access your storage area in the attic.

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim

Have a bonus room or converted garage that is hard to heat and cool? Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is the perfect answer.

Mr. Slim is a small ductless system designed to provide comfort and optimal temperature control to a single room. It is quiet and energy efficient. Duct-free split systems deliver the unmatched comfort of a traditional split system to specific individual spaces in your home.

Whether you’re creating a quiet, comfort-controlled home theater room, or simply want to heat or cool an area in your home without ducts, the duct-free split systems give you the efficiency, aesthetics and comfort of a traditional central split system. They are also an efficient and quiet alternative to a window air conditioner.

It’s possible to transform any room in your home into an oasis of comfort: cool and dry in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. The Mr. Slim system gives you precise temperature control even in spaces you thought would be impossible to fix. You can achieve consistent temperatures throughout the room as you are saving energy all year long, year after year.

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